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Collaborations with OTHER Organizations

Impact and Future Commitment

The Well & The Way's outreach impact reflects our dedication to making spiritual formation and holistic health education accessible to all. As we continue our mission, we remain committed to transforming lives, fostering well-being, and creating a healthier future for communities across America.

Terrance Cardinal Cooke, East Harlem, NYC

Our collaboration with the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, a 729-bed continuing-care facility, has been pivotal. We have collaborated with healthcare staff and clergy to engage residents and staff members in spiritual and life engagement sessions through Alpha. Via this initiative, we've been especially present to low-income resident patients in the East Harlem community. In our programs, we've reached individuals in need, offering hope and attention through companionship, spiritual direction, education, and holistic care to residents, especially during the early weeks of COVID-19.

Vista on 5th Ave, East Harlem NYC

At Vista on 5th Ave, an assisted living and rehabilitation facility for older adults, our programs through Alpha have contributed to the well-being of a diverse group of individuals (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, agnostic, and atheist residents). Irrespective of religious affiliation, residents were eager to engage in weekly Alpha discussions with our team leaders. By providing hope and attention through God-centered direction, community bonding, and spiritual conversation with residents, we aimed to ensure that seniors were heard and seen. They reported and expressed feeling more lively, dignified, spiritually cared for, engaged, and vibrantly supported through our spiritual reach, regardless of their background.

First Baptist Church, New Haven, CT

Similarly, our partnership with First Baptist Church in New Haven, CT, has allowed us to serve a diverse population, including Congolese refugees. Through educational initiatives, preaching, and engagement in the community, we've empowered individuals to make informed decisions about their holistic and spiritual health and well-being.

Saint Cecelia-Holy Agony, East Harlem, NYC

In collaboration with Saint Cecelia-Holy Agony Catholic Church, we've trained over 30 lay leaders in three cohorts to run free inclusive Alpha programs for East Harlem residents. These programs focus on spiritual development, fostering unity and ecumenism in Jesus Christ, emboldened faith, and expanding church outreach beyond the immediate church community to the more excellent neighborhood of East Harlem/El Barrio.

First Baptist Church, Meriden, CT

Our collaboration with First Baptist Church in Meriden, CT, a faith and mission-based community, allowed us to extend our outreach to a diverse population. Through educational initiatives, we've empowered individuals to make informed decisions about their holistic and spiritual health and well-being.

Kool Nerds Connect, Bronx, NY

Partnering with Kool Nerds Connect, a career readiness company focused on introducing inner-city diverse students to future workforce possibilities, allowed us to offer middle and high school students valuable information on holistic nutrition. We provided mentoring and exposure and introduced holistic nutrition, coaching, and wellness careers as potential avenues for professional development.

Boss Life Mastery, NYC, NY

During the pandemic, Boss Life Mastery, dedicated to optimal fitness and wellness, collaborated with us to run free online challenges, classes, and low-fee courses. Thousands of lives were impacted as participants learned how to cleanse, detox, and improve their holistic nutrition and wellness habits from home.

Pearl Wellness & Detox, NYC, NY

Pearl Wellness & Detox, an urban wellspring for healing and education, has been a key partner. Serving a wide array of inner-city holistic health customers, our collaboration has allowed us to reach diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

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